Seaing Double: Top Chefs Spruik WA Seafood in Collab Dinner

THE last time Kailis Fremantle head chef Peter Manifis and Island Market culinary director David Coomer worked together, it didn’t quite pan out as expected.

Almost five years ago, a young, spritely Manifis (then of InContro) promised Coomer he would help the former-Pata Negra stalwart in the kitchen at 6.30am the next morning.

Manifis did turn up the next day, only he was late and allegedly sporting a hefty hangover.

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The New Kailis Fish Market Cafe Opens in Fremantle

Kailis Fish Market Cafe is Being Relaunched as a Contemporary Seafood Market

The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour stalwart will reopen with a new 80s-inspired look, dedicated raw bar and focus on underutilised fish and seafood. Also: hello uni waffles.

George Kailis was 12 when he first pulled on the gumboots at Kailis Fish Market Cafe, the restaurant his father Victor opened at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour in December 1986.

“I only started [working] so young because it was the only way that I could see my dad,” he says. “He worked so much.”

This September, Kailis writes the restaurant’s next chapter when unveils the new, updated Kailis Fish Market Cafe with dedicated fry, raw bar and barbecue sections together with bar and sweet sections.

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